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Insufficient Electricity Service

Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Mashiat Alam
1 year ago


According to the World Bank, off-grid solar products currently service over 360 million people globally. However, while this number seems significant, the current reach is estimated to only be 17% of the market potential. Off-grid solar products, particularly solar home systems (“SHS”), serve an important role in the frontier markets by empowering the ‘next billion’, who currently lack electricity or live with unreliable or insufficient electricity service. In so doing, SHS’ complement grid

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ME SOLshare Ltd.


Bangladesh is currently the global market leader in SHS installations, which serve nearly 6 million households and 25 million people. Despite this overwhelming success, widespread energy poverty continues to plague the nation, where nearly 60 million people still lack access to electricity, due to inadequate distribution networks.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Sustainable Development Goals

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SOLbazaar - Energy Exchange Platform

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Created by Mashiat Alam


Low head mini hydropower solution

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Created by Upamanyu Ghosh

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