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A combination of hardware and software using IOT to monitor and control the electricity distribution grids applying Ai,ML to the grid edge

Chennai, India
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1 year ago


Village Energy's solution enables automated and smart control of electricity networks at the gridedge. This goes beyond the solutions available in the market, which monitor energy consumption to automate energy flows, stabilise the network, account for energy, and enable transactions and payments in real-time. The solution applies IoT, ML, and AI at the grid-edge network systems to facilitate distributed energy resources, especially renewable energy assets.

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Village Energy



The results of our first pilot in India indicate significant financial benefits to the utility, social and economic benefits to the community. The results shown below were verified by KPMG, the independent evaluator for this project. 30% reduction in utility costs 9% reduction in customer monthly bills with contribution from low-cost DER 13% reduction in peak load 75% reduction in power outages 50% energy contribution from solar Increase in monthly household energy consumption Employed project management and technical personnel locally Facilitated 2kW solar rooftop installation invested by consumer Village Energy estimates suggest that distribution utility costs are expected to drop significantly and improve distribution services to consumers



The technological innovations in Village Energy solution are - Dynamic Hosting Capacity: operating the fleet of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) devices in accordance with the reliable operating limits of the network system requires a methodology of automatically and dynamically deriving these hosting capacity limits. Flexible Dispatch: the IoT/metering device has the ability to operate individual DER, and a collection of DERs in aggregate, so that they remain within the Dynamic Hosting Capacity limits identified for each network system. Smart Contracts: Exchange of financial value in near real-time between customers and system operators is a key feature of smart contracts.


The timeline for realising the benefits are almost immediate


Pagidiroy pilot project, Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh


Chennai, India


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Sustainable Development Goals

This solution addresses the following problems.


Last mile electricity distribution and services using low cost distributed energy sources

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